All Alpen Spark’s models have the iPhone X (8 or 8Plus are available as well) embedded Apple technology with a 256 Gb storage capacity.
All our phones are unlocked to allow a complete Sim Card compatibility with all the phone service providers in the world, using SIM card technology.
They have been tested and guarantee to our clients a perfect use.
Our phones do not heat up more than Apple's and do not consume more battery either.

Pre-installed in our phones, an Alpen Spark APP is available to our clients. They can find in «Avant Première» the newest products and all the details of our Alpen Spark Premier Service.


Alpen Spark developps a collection of luxury products in its workshops in Geneva equipped with the iPhone technology of Apple (electronic components and softwares). Alpen Spark buys from Apple this certified technology and offers thus phones «Apple inside».
Alpen Spark sells its products under its brand name and only its brand «Alpen Spark» and assumes its legal responsability to its clients or trading partners on the authenticity of its embedded technology, allowing the full use of the Apple iPhone X (electronic components and softwares).

Each phone has a serial number written on the Alpen Spark warranty card provided when ordering.