We had the same idea in mind «TO CREATE THE TECH JEWEL OF OUR TIME, THE ULTIMATE ACCESSORY», remembers Laurent Minelli, co-founder and creative director of Alpen Spark, launched in 2016 with Emmanuel Cornuau, CEO of the brand and Chau Tuan Dang, its technical director.

In 2010, Emmanuel, after a long experience as a consultant in the top-notch consulting firms, decided to live of his passion, the Haute Horlogerie in Geneva.

He works for the most luxurious Swiss watch brands, accompanying them on their global development.

Well-aware that the mobile phone has become the most personal object in our lives, Emmanuel, surrounded by talents, but before all friends, has established the first contemporary jewellery House for iPhone, Alpen Spark.

Laurent loves creating. He started drawing at a very young age and always had a particularly strong sensibility towards decorative ornaments and objects. His years at the Royal College of Art in London nurtured his appeal for fashion and his passionnate quest for the uniqueness of the daily objects.
«We look at our phones around 200 times a day, it deserves an aesthetic approach and a unique design to be sublimated».
Laurent shares his artistic talent between Alpen Spark and one of the most prestigious Parisian luxury brand. Daytime he creates exceptional objects for this major House and at night technological jewels for his own small House.

The trio is completed by Chau Tuan, head of the technical department, without whom this unexpected merger of mobile technology and craftsmanship couldn’t come to life.